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A Night To Remember

Heart and Soul Producers (Florida, USA)

The Christmas story, Broadway-style. You’ll be startled by Roman soldiers, witness the oppression of the Jewish people, be in awe of the Wise Men’s lavish costumes, hear yodelling shepherds, and learn to love the hilarious Herod the Great – all in 60 minutes! ‘I was completely blown away. I came not expecting that at all’ (Audience review). ‘The music, the sound, the singing, the whole production was beautiful. It was really lovely’ (Audience review). ‘I think it was wonderful. The whole play was great. Gets you in the Christmas spirit and shows you what it’s all about’ (Audience review).

Mother, Herod’s Cheeky Girl, Singing Angel | Ava Bratic
Townsperson, Singing Angel, Lounge Singer | Brooke Brown
Pharisee Father, Herod’s Singer, Shepherd | Chad Carff
Mary, Dancing Angel | Rose Carff
Manger Assistant, Student, Frankincense Girl, Dancing Angel | Isa Cervantes
Shopper, Herod’s Fan Girl | Emily DeWoody
Shopper, Herod’s Fan Girl, Dancing Angel | Mya DeWoody
Teacher, Herod’s Cheeky Girl, Singing Angel | Charissa Domizioli
Street Lady, Townsperson, Midwife, Gabriel | Lisa Farrall
Roller-skater, Teacher, Herod’s Cheeky Girl, Shepherd | Lisa Hartley Hill
Street Vendor, Tax Collector, Innkeeper | Guy Hoenig
Townsperson, Angel | Cindy Ingraham
Wise Men Entourage, Dancing Angel | Allison Kervin
Taxpaying Townsperson, Wise Man, Dancing Angel | Kim Lauer
Shopper, Townsperson, Herod’s Cheeky Girl, Singing Angel | Laura Lee
Rock Thrower, Student, Wise Men Entourage | Nathan Lee
Roman Centurion, Wise Man | Peter McCharles
Townsperson, Angel Dancer | Deborah Miller
Roman Guard, Herod’s Guard | Jeff Miller
Manger Builder, Pharisee, Herod’s Singer, Shepherd | Colin Patterson
Joseph, Herod, Narrator | James Arthur Patterson
Shopper, Narrator, Shepherd Wendy Patterson
Townsperson, Sceptre-holder, Dancing Angel | Blakely Poston
Roller-skater, Pharisee, Herod’s Singer, Shepherd | Austin Rios
Townsperson, Angel | Jana Rochette
Roman Soldier, Tax Collector Guard, Wise Man | Doug Rothenbush
Shopper, Wise Men Entourage, Angel Dancer | Jenna Rothenbush
Roman Soldier, Pharisee, Shepherd | Joel Shugars
Roller-skater, Wise Men Entourage, Dancing Angel | Aiyana Sivak
Dancing Angel | Amy Sivak
Townsperson, Dancing Angel | Susan Smith
Townsperson, Dancing Shepherd | Aly Van Iderstine
Townsperson, Student, Wise Men Entourage, Dancing Angel | Brea Wilkins
Townsperson, Wise Men Entourage Dancing Angel | Marla Wilkins

Composed and Directed by | James Arthur Patterson
Choreography by | Carina Torres-Brown, Haley Arnold, Deborah Miller, Susan Smith, Amy Sivak, and Wendy Patterson
Set and Prop Design and Construction | James Arthur Patterson, Colin Patterson

Produced by | Wendy Patterson
Stage Manager | Ian Patterson
Administration | Wendy Patterson

‘Impact’ written by Eliza Vladescu, Ron Boehme, Doug Rothenbush and Wendy Patterson

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Author James Arthur Patterson

Language Performed in English

Captioning Auto-generated closed captions in English

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    • Musicals and Opera
    • £14.00
    • 2 August 2022
    • 78 minutes
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    • 5+ (guidance)
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